• Opaque Naturel Forming Dress

    € 200,00 € 130,00
  • Individual Nature Forming Dress

    € 130,00
  • Cotton Contour Forming Dress

    € 160,00 € 104,00
  • Tulle Forming Dress

    € 160,00

Luxurious Shaping Dresses

Our shaping dresses are characterized by high-quality and innovative materials in timeless designs. These contemporary and luxurious styles are incredibly comfortable and soft against the skin. Subtle and effective shaping technology accentuates the feminine silhouette without sacrificing comfort.

The Latest Innovations In Shapewear

All of our shaping dresses are made from high-quality materials with expert craftsmanship and innovative techniques. Our designers are always searching for the newest materials and methods to improve and advance our shapewear. We push the envelope with each new collection in the pursuit of the comfort and performance that our customers demand. Try for yourself and discover why so many women prefer Wolford.