Neytiri Cardigan

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  • 100% Virgin Wool, Sleeveless
    This 100% virgin wool cardigan is a lovely addition to any outfit. Its organic appearance is enhanced by one-of-a-kind designs, every piece in colorway kamut/black is unique. The natural wool is not simply for aesthetic value either. This cardigan has been responsibly produced and is Cradle to Cradle™ gold certified in the biological cycle, which means that its materials can be decomposed via industrial processes and reused. At the end of its life cycle (once you no longer need it) it can be returned to us and we will make sure to compost it the right way. We passionately believe that you can look your best while making sustainable choices, that is the essence of fashion without compromise. For a natural look that is kind to our Mother Earth, Neytiri is the finest choice.

    Loose fit / Back length for size XS-S: 75 cm / Cradle to Cradle™ gold certified, biological cycle / Every piece is unique / Without sleeves / Long slits on side 

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