• Neon 40 tights Sukkahousut
  • Satin Touch 20 Sukkahousut
  • Satin Touch 20 Knee-Highs
  • Pure Energy 30 leg vitalizer Tukisukat
  • Individual 10 Knee-Highs
  • Satin Touch 20 Stay Up -sukat
  • Synergy 40 leg support Tukisukkahousut
  • Individual 10 Sukkahousut
  • Sheer 15 Sukkahousut
  • Individual 20 Strong Support Tukisukat
  • Individual 20 Sukkahousut
  • Nude 8 Socks

Luxurious Nude Tights

At Wolford you'll find a wide range of our tights and hosiery in nude shades, from classic designs to contemporary styles. All of our hosiery is made from high-quality materials using innovative techniques to ensure optimal comfort. From tights to stockings, knee-highs to stay-ups, and any other hosiery you could want.

Purchase High-Quality Tights Online

Comfortable, practical and sensual: Wolford tights are a must for all women who want to feel comfortable around the clock. Order our luxury tights online, and then try them on in the comfort of your home. Thanks to our 30 day return policy there’s no need to worry, if an item doesn’t fit simply return it for a full refund or the correct size.